Thanksgiving is November 24, 2022

Eat, drink & be thankful

It's time to deck the halls!

Halloween night is lots of fun
but if you see a monster, run, run, run!

Happy Fall Y'all

Celebrate Creativity, Season by Season

Artist Profile

Lori C. Mitchell

Lori Mitchell has been creating unique papier mache folk art characters for decades.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Lori finds
inspiration in children’s literature, old illustrations and toys. She is drawn to the warmth and magic that vintage pieces evoke. “They stir something deep within us … a quiet, peaceful place, a sense of belonging, a time of simple pleasures…”

Lori works diligently to evoke the same nostalgic feelings in her
designs while including a touch of whimsy and modern flare. Lori’s use of color and expression, attention to detail, and general sense of humor brings her designs to life. Her work sparks the imagination and child in all of us.

In 2002 Lori partnered with ESC and Company to allow her creations to reach a broader audience. ESC is the exclusive source for hundreds of licensed reproductions of Lori’s fantastic designs. Lori’s designs have not only endured into their second decade, but are continuing to broaden their appeal to new customers and admirers each year.